Gunship Battle Total Warfare


DOWN 5,000,000 +

** This game officially supports English.

New Update, New Battle - ‘Tower Defense Mode’!
Protect your base from the attack of the Armada.
Create your defense strategy using different towers and units.

▶ Tower Defense ◀
✔ Quickly build turrets and strengthen your defense!
✔ Tower Defense strategy: Prepare! Build! And Merge!
✔ Deliver the final blow - Call in the ultimate airstrike for help.

▶ Fortress ◀
✔ Use your gunships to crush the enemy!
✔ Defeat the invaders for awesome rewards!

▶ Base Upgrade ◀
✔ Obtain and strengthen units to protect your base!
✔ Build, Research, and upgrade for base growth.

▶ Real-Time Battle◀
✔ Real-time battles with players all over the world!
✔ Form your own powerful forces with iconic Aircraft Carriers, Jets, Ships, and AFVs!
✔ Reclaim what is yours and always keep an eye out for the enemy!

▶ Alliance Content◀
✔ Compete against other Alliances around the world!
✔ Explore the massive world of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare and dominate the battlefield!
✔ Lead your Alliance to claim victory in this ongoing, massive war!

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▶ Permission Notice

- [Optional] Access to Photos/Media/File Saves: Permission required for downloading game files and updates. It is also required for uploading data to customer support.
- [Optional] Access to Photos: Permission required for uploading an image from your album to the game’s profile settings.

▶ How to Revoke Permissions

[Android 6.0+]
Settings > Application > Select App > Permissions

[Android 6.0 and Lower]
You must delete the app

*All details may vary depending on your device and OS.

Revoking required permissions for access authorizations may result in failure to log in to the game.



If you prefer to download an APK, here are steps to install the game manually.

1. Open your mobile device's Settings menu.

2. Select Lock screen and security.

3. Turn Unknown Sources on. 

We guarantee no security issues with the official 

Gunship Battle Total Warfare Payment .apk.

Making purchases

1. Tap the Store icon on the top right corner in the game.

2. Go to the "Currency" store and click the package of your choice.

3. Tap "Purchase" and select the payment method from the list to make purchase.

Payment method list


Installation Platform